Betoniluoma Oy - manufacturer of concrete products in Finland and the Nordic countries

Betoniluoma Oy makes concrete elements with more than 60 years of experience

Betoniluoma Oy has over 60 years of experience of producing concrete and concrete products. We provide elements for the various needs of diverse construction projects.

We make external wall elements for residential and office buildings, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, and detached houses. We also provide special elements for, among others, bathrooms. In the past, we have even helped build churches, police stations, and schools. Our production facilities are located in Southern Ostrobothnia, but our products are also delivered to all of Finland and the Nordic countries as well.

The latest production techniques, solid know-how, and continuous product development form the core strengths of Betoniluoma. We keep expanding our production systems to serve our customers even faster and better. We are known for manufacturing concrete structures that no-one even thought possible!

Our aim is to fulfil our customers' wishes according to the best of our innovation abilities and expertise.

Contact us - a concrete construction professional will provide you with rock-solid service!