Precast concrete elements for agriculture

A wide range of concrete products to Finland and the Nordic Countries

Betoniluoma - Strong concrete elements

Concrete is an excellent building material for construction projects which require durability and strength. Betoniluoma Oy has more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality concrete elements and other concrete products, which guarantees a successful and durable result.

We manufacture durable precast concrete products and even challenging concrete elements at our modern production facilities, with an area of 1.8 hectares, which provide us with optimal circumstances for handling of concrete. The elements are stored and all finishing work is done in covered halls, which ensures that the elements are kept dry throughout the storage period.

We manufacture concrete products for different types of construction projects. We work in close cooperation with architects and designers. This ensures that the products are properly finished – this applies to both the designing and manufacturing.

Acricultural buildings

A part of our production focuses on the manufacturing of production buildings for agriculture. We manufacture strong and safe walls for agricultural buildings to meet the production needs of different premises. We manufacture elements for broiler and turkey breeding establishments, piggeries, cow shelters, riding stables, agricultural storage sheds and boiler rooms. Take a look at our completed projects on the References page.

We always take into account the industry standards and requirements applicable to the manufacturing of concrete elements and other concrete products. Ask for an offer on custom-made concrete elements for agriculture, such as elements for slurries or dung pits. Our product range also includes insulated wall elements, partition walls and shaft elements.

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