Precast concrete elements for single-family houses

Sustainable concrete construction in the Nordic Countries

Concrete is a widely used building material in construction projects, where durability pays a key role, such as load-bearing structures. Betoniluoma Oy manufactures high-quality and long-lasting concrete elements, which are suitable for use, even in the most challenging construction projects. We have decades of experience and use only carefully selected building materials, which guarantees high-quality results.

Precast concrete elements and other concrete products are manufactured at our optimal modern production premises, which cover a total area of 1.8 hectares. The elements are stored and all finishing work is carried out in covered halls, which ensures that the elements are kept dry throughout the storage period.

We manufacture concrete products for a wide range of different constructions projects. Precast concrete elements are carefully designed and manufactured to fit in every individual project. Our close cooperation with architects and designers hold the secret of doing this.

Single-family houses

You can build a durable house from concrete elements- efficiently and safely. Concrete construction is energy-efficient and long-lasting – it retains its value as time goes by, it is easy to maintain and is fire resistant. A house built with concrete elements guarantees carefree living for decades.

Betoniluoma Oy manufactures single-family houses, according to the drawings of the customer. We deliver precast concrete elements as a package, which normally includes the load-bearing frame of the house – installed and sealed. The surfaces of the external walls are completely finished. The different concrete surfaces make your house individual and spectacular.

We also deliver balcony structures and water-proof concrete elements for bathrooms, according to your measurements and the list of accessories and equipments.

In order to provide you with an offer, we need the drawings of the house, as made for a building permission application. Contact us and we will tell you more!