Special elements

Even the most challenging precast concrete products to Finland and other Nordic Countries

Betoniluoma - Decades of concrete construction

Thanks to its mechanical properties, concrete is a very commonly used construction material. It enables the creation of strong and durable structures, which are suitable for residential and commercial, industrial and agricultural needs.

Betoniluoma Oy is an experienced manufacturer of concrete and concrete products. With 60 years of experience, we manufacture even the most challenging precast concrete products with high quality. The precast concrete elements and other concrete products are manufactured at our optimal modern production premises, which cover a total area of 1.8 hectares. The elements are stored and all finishing work is carried out in covered halls, which ensures that the elements are kept dry throughout the storage period.

We work in a close cooperation with architects and designer. This enables the delivery of carefully designed and manufactured concrete products for a wide variety of construction projects. The end result will be a high-quality and durable building – as you can notice by taking a look at our references.

Special elements and other products

TWe manufacture special elements, such as bathrooms and pools, in our production facilities. The bathrooms are already equipped with lights and furniture at the factory, which significantly speeds up the completion of the building. Only the electrical power and water supply will be installed at the site. On the basis of VTT's tests (Technical Research Centre of Finland).

Concrete can take many forms in our professional hands. Several different surface choices and their combinations are available. The wall forms can also be curved or inclined, as you wish.

We manufacture the most extensive range of concrete products and complexes to fulfil the customer's needs and wishes. 

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